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Couples/Marriage Therapy & Counseling

"Couples/Marriage Counseling can help you to improve communication, rekindle your romance, heal from difficult situations, and reconnect with your partner."

Couples come for many different reasons. People seek couples counseling and relationship therapy when they are struggling with difficult issues. Some come when they feel an issue growing and endangering their happiness. Some come before they get married to strengthen their relationship and expand their understanding of each other (premarital counseling/premarital therapy). Others come when they feel their relationship is in serious danger and change is urgent. Your relationship will have greater impact on your happiness throughout your life than anything else. I look forward to working with you and your partner!

 Are you desiring a more fulfilling relationship with your partner? Areas that I focus on are:

  • Communication
  • Intimacy & Sex
  • Infidelity & Trust
  • Fighting/Arguing
  • Parenting/Co-Parenting
  • Divorce/Blended Families
  • Relationship Counseling & Marital Counseling
  • Lack of sharing feelings
  • Sexual issues
  • Separation
  • Abusive relationships
  • Money issues

What Will You Get from Couples Therapy? 

You’ll both learn specific skills and strategies that can improve your relationship -- and give you insight that can enrich your life in a myriad of ways. Yes, romance is partly magic -- but it needs understanding and know-how. Skills that none of us were born with -- and many of us didn’t learn enough about as children. We are all relational beings. We live in relationships. The work that couples do here can improve their relationship, intimacy, communication, careers, and their bonds with family and friends.

Couples often feel discouraged when they first come to counseling

The perspective I have from outside the relationship allows me to see that this discouragement comes from both partners trying to help the other see what the solution is. Sometimes it’s not expressed directly. Both want to stop the discomfort – but they’re working at cross purposes. 

Becoming better communicators

You will grow in your understanding of how to better communicate with each other and, perhaps more importantly, you will gain insight into each other’s lives. Problems around communication, sex, money, trust, intimacy, parenting and addiction all become issues around which you come together. The work you do with your partner is some of the most powerful counseling possible. 

Improving Intimacy

You will learn ways to reconnect with your partner. Improved intimacy will help you and your partner to feel loved, appreciated and desired. In turn, you will feel more connected with him/her. I offer tools to help you express feelings, find thoughtful ways so show your partner you care, express gratitude and have fun together again!

Rebuilding Trust

Many couples experience struggles in their relationship that cause issues involving trust. You will learn ways to rebuild the trust you once had and develop a strong, healthy, balanced relationship. Repairing and rebuilding from difficult situations is possible.

For a free phone conference and/or to make an appointment, call me on my confidential phone / voicemail at (925) 588-3070, send me an email at, text, or fill out the Appointment Request on this website.

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Proudly Serving: Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley, Discovery Bay and their surrounding communities.

Providing Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling Services to Individuals, Couples, Teens, and Families 

Franci Smith provides therapy and counseling services for Individuals, Couples, Teens, Children and Families in the east bay of the SF bay area. She specializes in anxiety, depression, couples counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling, teen issues and life transitions. Her offices are located in Brentwood. The location offers easy freeway access and are close to public transportation. Surrounding cities include Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Oakley, Livermore, Antioch and Pittsburg. .For a sitemap click here.

Franci Smith, LMFT provides confidential, counseling and therapy services for teens, adults, couples, and families specializing in Teen Counseling, Anxiety Therapy, Depression Therapy, Family Counseling, Relationship Therapy, Couples Counseling, Premarital Counseling, and Marriage Counseling.

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